Why Hire a Color Consultant?

Color is central to the emotion one feels when entering into a space. In fact, each color is emotional, so when combined with the overall effect of a room it can have an amazing or devastating effect!

This is where Architectural Color Experts come in! We are trained in color theory, color psychology, current trends, color design and how to apply it when creating spaces for clients that reflect their wants, needs, and personalities.

Architectural Color Consultants can create color palettes for residential, commercial, and retail spaces. We employ our knowledge of how color works to meet our client‘s expectations and suit each space. As a result, we work with everything from accessories to fabrics, finishes and lighting. Every item in a room can affect the atmosphere and incite a particular emotion depending on its color and placement in relation to other accessories.

Whether you are painting a room, remodelling a space or looking to spruce up your home’s curb appeal, hiring an Architectural Color Consultant will save you time, money and work and will help you achieve the look you want!