Shortly after starting college to become an Interior Architect, I fell in love with two of my classes: Color Theory and Color Psychology. I quickly became interested in how something so simple as color has such a big impact in our lives. We express ourselves through color each and everyday.

After, graduating and working on several Interior Design projects, I realized that color is  the foundation to every great design. Color is visceral. Color is emotional. Color sets the tone and mood  in a space.

As my interest for color started growing, I had the opportunity to work at one of the most successful finishing design firms in Houston alongside incredible artisans and painters, learning from them about products, techniques and gaining hands on experience with color and finishes for interior and exterior spaces. This helped me develop my abilities to match existent paint colors for repairs and creating a new color palettes for remodels and new constructions.

I since have become a Certified Color Expert, which has thought me even more about the importance of creating the perfect color space. To use color as a design tool and more importantly to understand my client‘s wants and needs and transforming them into excellent projects with great aesthetics and functionality.


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